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Our Mission:

We are about self empowerment, and opening to a higher consciousness through meditation, by learning to listen to your heart and intuition.

We believe everyone has the ability to communicate with spirit...
To believe in Reincarnation and Past Lives, it is important to understand "Spiritism," the ability to communicate with any spirit that walked on earth while in a physical body.

We caution against "900" numbers,"storefront psychics," and fortune teller scams. The club also gives referrals for those seeking readings from reputable psychics and mediums in the New York City area. All recommendations are of those associated with the Queens Psychic Club and known to be honest.

Many people have come to the Queens Psychic Club seeking answers to a phenomena they do not understand. They have gradually become aware of spirits appearing before them (in there third/psychic eye.) This is known as clairvoyance, or hearing spirt in their inner ear. This is known as clairaudience.  Others can feel or sense the presence of spirit around them... this is referred to as clairsentience. Some people are born with these psychic gifts and others can develope them gradually, or the as result of having a traumatic experience. 

Unfortunately, many people that are awakening  to this psychic/spiritual phenomenon may think they are delusional... They come hoping to find an explanation and how to deal with these newly acquired abilities.

 Others come because they are questioning their religious beliefs and seek  to learn about spirituality ( their own connection to God.)  Some just come because they are curious about the subject of psychic phenomena and want to understand why certain things happened in their life.

After the death of their son, Richard, died of AIDS, in 1991, Bob Cecilio and his wife Dolores were worried about his soul... They were fortunate to get a "reading" with psychic/medium George Anderson. Bob was so impressed with the accuracy of the messages from his son Richard, through medium George Anderson, that it inspired him to learn more about spirit communication. Within a year he and his wife had another reading with psychic/medium John Edward that validated that the spirit of their son Richard was still around them... After taking psychic development classes, Bob started the Queens Psychic Club. For a time Bob and medium John Edward and medium Shelley Peck were in close contact. Bob help Medium Shelley Peck found the Naussau Psychic Club "Divine Sparks" along with her associate, Medium John Edward.  Shelley Peck and Medium John Edward, along with many other reputable mediums have appeared at The Queens Psychic Club, and on "Psychic Awakening" which can be seen on QPTV (Queens Public Access Television)

In the acknowledgements of his first book, "One Last Time", Psychic/Medium John Edward includes Bob Cecilio as..."One of the people I have met over the years and my experiences with them are like the penny in the pond...it ripples within me, always... Thanks for playing the part of a friend and for being a part of it all." Bob also appeared in 1995 on a NY/NJ lecture tour as master of ceremonies with mediums Silvia Brown, John Edward, and Shelley Peck. 

Founded in September, 1993 by Bob Cecilio, the Queens Psychic Club is beginning its twentith year. We meet the first Wednesday of every month (except holidays) at Joanne Barry's Fitness"R" Us  192-23 Station Road, Flushing NY 11356.  (2 blocks north of Northern  Blvd. and 192nd St
The meetings are from 7:30 - 9:30pm, doors open at 7:00 o'clock. 

We are the largest and most respected psychic community in the New York City area (1,000 members), our average meeting attendance is about 35, depending on the weather, and the topic. We discuss all types of psychic phenomena and everyone, seekers and sharers alike are welcome; because everyone is psychic.

There is an $8 admission, which includes automatic membership and gets you on the mailing list.  Everyone is welcome because everyone is psychic.... This is a place to meet and be with people of like mind, to teach or be taught, seekers and sharers alike. 

The format of the meetings consists of networking, (current workshops, lectures, events, etc.) discussions and sharing of experiences. At 8:00 o'clock we do a brief meditation,  and the topics vary from spirit communication, karma, reincarnation, pastlife regressions, astrology, numerology, dowsing, healing, spirituality, dreams, tarot, etc. We do not do psychic readings at the club but on occasion some of the lecturers will do "spot" readings for some in the audience.

We have two PSYCHIC FAIRs a year, Spring and Fall. (See our page of scheduled events for dates.)      

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